Fantasy magazine relaunches with new editor, and genre-busting free stories online

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Fantasy magazine has always been in the vanguard when it comes to publishing new and intriguing forays into magical worlds, and now it's gotten a reboot from incoming editor John Joseph Adams. The magazine just relaunched this week with much fanfare, and it will be serving up new, free stories online every week to come. Here's what's in store.


This week's offerings include an incredible story called "The Sandal Bride" by Genevieve Valentine, as well as a nonfiction essay on real-life people who took the hero's journey, from former io9 staffer Graeme McMillan. Plus, there's gorgeous art (pictured here) by Scott Grimando.

We spoke to bestselling anthologist Adams (who also co-produces the io9 podcast), to ask him a few questions about the magazine.

io9: Where you see modern fantasy going? Is it speciating into paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and epic fantasy? Or are all of those subgenres still part of the same basic animal?

JJA: I think modern fantasy is a rich and vibrant playground, the same as it's ever been, but it might be a bit less cohesive and more spread out subgenre-wise than we've seen in the past. With the influx of paranormals and urban fantasy now dominating much of the fantasy category in the bookstore, it may seem like that type of fiction is taking over. But I think that there's still plenty of room for that, and epic fantasy, and weird and literary contemporary fantasy and all of the difficult to categorize stuff that is definitely fantasy but is hard to say what else it is. It's all still FANTASY, even if one may not bear much resemblance to the other.

Related to that, how do you plan to juggle all the different fantasy subgenres at Fantasy? Any in particular that you favor, or that you think don't fit into the magazine?

There will likely be some of everything in Fantasy Magazine, though there is unlikely to be much epic fantasy, since it's very difficult to tell an epic story in 7500 words or less (though I'm happy to be proven wrong). Otherwise, I don't like to say no to any particular subgenre as a whole, because I don't want to miss out on the best damn X story ever because I said in an interview somewhere that I didn't want stories about X.


So far, to just name a few, the stories I've selected include: a fairy tale retelling, a weird western, a man vs. god tale, a steampunk vs. necromancy story, a riff on choose your own adventure stories, an urban fantasy showdown with the devil, and a story about a webapp that turns people into zombies. So I think there will be a pretty wide variety, and I hope to keep mixing it up like that from month to month, in order to keep things fresh and interesting.

Check out Fantasy magazine every week, or buy each issue for $3 to get all your stories in a nicely-formatted PDF.



Pretty great site. Is there an equivalent or counterpart for sci-fi?