Fantasy Creatures Play A Roleplaying Game Set In Our Mundane World

What do wizards and orcs do when they need to blow off a little steam after a long day of questing? They sit down with a game of Cubicles & Careers and navigate the perils of angry bosses and flirtatious small talk.


The folks behind FantasyCon created the web series Cubicles & Careers to advertise their upcoming convention on July 3-5 in Salt Lake City. The first episode is up top, and below, an elf tries to chat up a coworker despite his crummy stats:

A cleric deals with the health care system:

A knight deals with lost packages (without going on a quest):

And finally, the group tries to team up against their increasingly frustrated Cubicle Master:

[via GeekTyrant]

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This reminds me of the time a group I was in annoyed the DM.

We went from wanting to be a group of adventurers, to wanting to buy a tavern and playing "Tankards & Taverns" instead.

After finally putting together enough cash to buy the tavern, and the painstaking process of figuring out the weekly income of the tavern and how to split it between the group, the DM ended phase 1 of the campaign by blowing up the whole city...