Fantasy author recreates fantasy novel cover poses, with hilarious results

Just for kicks, fantasy author Jim C. Hines decided to pose like the female protagonists on the cover of his novel The Stepsister Scheme.


Upon realizing how physically awkward it was, Jim did what any rational person would do: strip down, scour Amazon for uncomfortable-looking fantasy book covers, and have a photo shoot with his wife. Explains Hines of the aftermath:

I spent the rest of last night with pain running through most of my back. Even the pose in The Shape of Desire, which first struck me as rather low-key, is difficult to imitate and feels really forced. Trying to launch my chest and buttocks in two different directions a la Vicious Grace? Just ow.

To be clear, there's nothing wrong with being sexual. I can totally see Snow from the princess books flaunting her stuff, for example. But posing like these characters drives home exactly what's being emphasized and what's not.

I've got to give Jim a boatload of credit for single-handedly making his insulin pump site this season's choice accoutrement. He suggests that all guys go through the physical challenge, as it's "far more enlightening than anything [he] could say." Click on the lower-right corner of the above image to see his poses in their full ferociousness. Hat tip to Precious Roy!

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