Fantastic Iron Man Fan Film Stars A CG Robert Downey Jr.

If you love watching the Iron Man armor deploy, you're in for a treat. In this animated sequence, Tony Stark (with his almost eerie computer-generated Robert Downey Jr. face) has to get dressed quickly when the Ten Rings fires a missile at his car.


Anthony McGrath and Mark Cushley made IRON MAN Mk Z a while back to celebrate the release of Iron Man 3—and they have more in store for us. They are currently working on another sequence featuring the Hulkbuster armor, and they've released a test short:


[via GeekTyrant]


I have hoped for years that someone could see a way to create a similar approach to doing Star Trek: TOS as a purely CGI venture. Even doing a stylized version with the current movie incarnations dome for the same audience as "Clone Wars" would create a point of entry for young potential fans, and it would keep interest in the franchise going between the HUGE wait bdtween Trek films.