Tim Story was an up-and-coming director, with a hit movie (Barbershop) under his belt. And then he directed two Fantastic Four movies that nobody really liked. Now that he's back on top with Ride-Along, Story is explaining what he learned from his two superhero films.

There's a fascinating profile of Story, one of the most successful African American directors in Hollywood, over at the Directors Guild of America website, which I meant to link to last week when it went up. And in the middle of talking about his career's ups and downs, he gives a fascinating perspective on the insanely challenging task of directing a huge tentpole movie:

"With those types of big movies, you're directing three movies. There's the movie you're shooting, there's the second-unit action stuff, and there's the visual effects movie. You've got to learn how to deal with all of them...

The other thing I learned from those two Fantastic Four movies, is that sometimes you can be too lax on how much control you give to the visual effects team, or the production design team, or whoever. If you end up in situations and you're not happy with certain things, it's because you didn't stay on top of them"


And that's how you end up with Galactus being a weird-ass cloud, basically. [DGA via IGN]