Image: Still via Youtube
Image: Still via Youtube
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Fantagraphics is getting ready to launch All-Time Comics, its own dark, weird take on classic silver and golden age superhero comics. To celebrate, it got music director Samuel Bayer—who kicked off his career with the video to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”—to make a short teaser for the line that’s sort of Sin City-meets-classic Detective Comics.


The short features Bullwhip, one of All Time Comics’ four heroes alongside Atlas, Blind Justice, and Crime Destroyer. The line, which involves writer Josh Bayer, Sam’s brother and All Time Comics co-creator, is a weird and certainly wild love letter to pulp fiction—clashing the clipped and reserved world of classic superhero books of the ‘40s and ‘60s with grit, gore, and over-the-top violence. Think lots of BIFF, BOFF, and KAPOW noises but over brutal, violent fisticuffs.

It’s definitely one hell of a way to introduce your comic book universe to the world. The first comic in the series, Crime Destroyer #1, is out now.

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