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More proof that today's generation of whippersnappers either have very bad memories or are easily confused by Keanu Reeves comes in the form of Rankopedia's democratically-created list of the Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time. I have no problem with The Empire Strikes Back trumping Star Wars, or the surprise placement of the awesome Children of Men. But as I write this, the Best Sci-Fi Movie of All Time, as voted for by the collective internet is, apparently The Matrix. Which is a travesty.


Now, I could happily go on for roughly several years about how much the Matrix sequels betrayed the potential of the first movie by, well, not continuing to rip off Grant Morrison's The Invisibles comics like the first one did. But you all know that already.

Instead, I just want to ask: Is everybody insane? The Matrix was, even before the sequels and everyone getting bored with "bullet-time," at best a reasonably entertaining movie with some absolutely appalling acting — It's not just you, Keanu, Lawrence Fishburne was kind of calling it in as well — and dialogue that has made puppies cry. I've got nothing against popcorn eyecandy (I have a secret soft spot for the Transformers movie, I have to admit), but how the hell is that movie seriously a contender for the best sci-fi movie ever?


Is this a generational thing? Am I being a grumpy old man complaining that there shouldn't be any sound in space when seeing Star Wars for the first time? And what should the best sci-fi movie of all time be? The comments are there for a reason, people. Best sci-fi movie ever [Rankopedia]

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