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Fans Recreate Scenes From Akira in Gorgeous CG

Akira is one of the best and most beloved anime* of all time. Full stop.

Naturally this has led to a number of fan projects of the years—notably the Simpsons crossover Bartkira. But for the first time I can remember, excerpts of Akira has been gorgeously created in 3D by two fans—Brad Kremer and Dean Fowler. Neo-Tokyo looks every bit as grim and menacing, and the creators made the very wise decision not to render Tetsuo or Kaneda’s faces... because that would look weird as hell.


Someone get these guys a full team and a budget. I, for one, would absolutely watch a full theatrical release.

*Yes it started as a manga. No one gives a shit. It’s Senior Week and arguably the anime had a greater cultural impact here in the west. Fight me.


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