Fans Can Finally Own a Great Version of the Original Teen Titans Series

All Images: Warner Archive Collection
All Images: Warner Archive Collection

Teen Titans fans have longed for a version of the show worthy of its quality. It’s been on DVD for a while, with varying levels of availability, but always in the same, standard edition. Now, after a long, long wait, that significant upgrade is happening.


The complete first season of the original, circa 2003 Teen Titans is finally coming to Blu-ray on January 23. That means that those crappy square screen DVDs from 2007 can finally be thrown out for an HD, widescreen version of every episode of season one.

Here’s the final box art.

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The press release is suspiciously devoid of details on the set besides the upscaled image, but it does say special announcements may be coming. We’ll have to see what that means (maybe we’ll get a preview of the upcoming live-action Titans?) But for now having this extremely beloved and influential show back on our radar is welcome enough.

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The original cartoon was 1,000,000,000,001 times better then the crappy one that’s been on TV for years now. Wish they’d ditch the new one and bring back the original.