Remember The 4400, the show about a group of 4,400 people who mysteriously reappeared at the same time after vanishing at various points since 1946? Remember how the show itself vanished, in 2007, after a cliff-hanger ended its fourth season?

Nearly 10 years later, devoted fans are hoping to see the show make a return, much like its characters (albeit as a Netflix series, not as a confused mob with strange new powers, pregnancies, etc.) And the show’s cast has thrown its support behind the campaign by appearing in a new video in support of it. Earlier today, The 4400 writer and consulting producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe (Elementary) posted an excited Tweet about the burgeoning fan-spurred effort to bring the show back.

Here’s the official description of the video Hewitt called “awesome,” and the video itself, Path to Revival—featuring encouragement and thank-yous from the cast—below. Check out the “Bring Back the 4400” Facebook page, too.

Fans and the cast of the cult classic sci-fi series ‘The 4400’ have joined forces to bring it back! The Emmy nominated show ended in 2007 on a season 4 cliffhanger, as it was caught in the cross-hairs of the Writers Guild Strike. In a climate where beloved shows of the past are returning (The X-Files, Twin Peaks) the fans want a proper ending to ‘The 4400’ and are petitioning Netflix to revive it as a semi-original series.