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A bomb scare in the UK turned out to not be the work of a rogue terrorist, but just a fanboy and his homemade props. Police overreaction, or final proof that fandom can be deadly?


Essex police arrested a man on Thursday on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon after he had been spotted carrying a longbow, and a search of his apartment freaked officers out enough that they evacuated 100 nearby homes and called in bomb disposal experts to deal with what were classed as "unexplained items." Sadly, said items had a very simple explanation, as a police spokesman was later forced to admit:

Bomb disposal officers attended and carried out an assessment. No items of danger were found in the premises. Initial concerns were raised by the crude adaptions of many household items into science fiction style equipment.


I love the way that that statement is phrased; there's an implication that, if the adaptations of household items into "science fiction style equipment" hadn't been quite as crude, then everything would've been fine. Who knew that the Essex police were such mod connoisseurs?

(Meanwhile, British steampunk enthusiasts are now hiding their retro-styled reinventions of common househole items under their brass beds for fear of being visited by the long arm of the law themselves.)

Steampunk clock from Amahl_Shukup.

Bomb scare flat contained harmless 'science fiction-style' household items []


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