Fan video proves that every anime show has the same opening credits

To highlight the fact that almost all anime shows start the same way, Derek Lieu has smushed 93 anime openings into less than five minutes. I want to stare wistfully into the sunset while walking in slow-mo with Golgo 13.

You can read the full list of shows here.

[Spotted on Japanator]


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James Whitbrook

Like certain shots that are common in western filmmaking, Japanese media sticks to a few popular shots and uses them in a variety of things - it's not just anime, a lot of those tropes are found in Japanese videogames too (see the embedded opening to the ATLUS RPG Persona 4 as an example, there's a ton of the same 'tropes' found in the article video in it too).

It's just the way cinematography is over there. I'm sure you could string together a bunch of western TV show openings and find plenty of similarity, too.