Fan Series Grayson: Earth One Returns To Tell The Tale Of Jason Todd

It's been nearly two years since Hissoni Johnson's Nightwing-origin webseries made its début, but it's returned at last. However, it's not here to give you more Dick Grayson, actually, but to reveal the story of Jason Todd in a world where Batman works alone.


The premise, if you don't remember (understandable given the gap in episodes ), imagines a Gotham where Batman and his villains exist but Batman never took on a ward. The first episode dealt with how Dick Grayson became Nightwing without the tutelage of Bruce Wayne. This follow-up, a side-stepping "episode 1.5," covers the new origin of Jason Todd, the second Robin and eventual Red Hood.

Turns out things don't go too well for the young Todd, who gets himself wrapped up in a cult dedicated to the supposedly-dead Joker, led by a young woman named Mama. Because nothing ever goes well for anybody in the world of Batman, obviously.

Johnson has plans for a complete series of Grayson: Earth One, including more "inter-quel" episodes focusing on characters like Jason and Carrie Kelley (the female robin from The Dark Knight Returns) in addition to Grayson's adventures as Nightwing. Unfortunately, considering the original crowd-funding campaign for the series didn't reach its goal of $40,000, it seems like you could be waiting a long while to see more.

[Via THR]


Angrier Geek

I actually enjoyed the Nightwing least until "Fatman" showed up. Batman should never have been seen and just been a voice. Much more effective than seeing a fat guy in a Batman costume.