Fan Film Makes Me Yearn for a Ms. Marvel Solo Flick

Still: YouTube
Still: YouTube

Disney and Marvel might have the next several years already planned out, but after the second Avengers: Infinity War, they’re going to need to fill in some gaps. A fan film based on the adventures of Ms. Marvel makes a strong case for who should get a solo debut next.


YouTuber Anita Kalathara and Lansi Aponte have released a short fan film about Kamala Khan, the Pakistani-American teen who is Marvel’s first Muslim superhero. The five-minute film isn’t of the highest quality, but it does a great job at showing Kamala’s relationship with her family, powers, and faith. The dinner scene with Kamala and her family is especially well-done. I love how it portrays her dad’s not-so-subtle jab at Aamir to get a damn job.

Brie Larson will be playing Carol Danvers in 2019's Captain Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female-led superhero film. Since Ms. Marvel was originally conceived as a female counterpart to Captain Marvel, who was traditionally a male character, it seems like a smart idea to introduce Kamala in Larson’s upcoming debut as the Captain. Could definitely set the stage for her own film, which would be simply super.



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the Pakistani-American teen who is Marvel’s first Muslim superhero.

Sorry, just have to correct this: she is Marvel’s first Muslim superhero to have her own book. Marvel has had previous Muslim superheroes though — including Dust of the X-Men and Faiza Hussain of MI-13 (who I would love to see a version in the MCU). Ms. Marvel, on the other hand, is the first Muslim superhero at Marvel is headline her own book and is arguably the most popular Muslim superhero.

Also, I would love to see her in the MCU, too.