Fan Art Imagines Chris Pine As A Green Lantern

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When rumors surfaced earlier this week that Star Trek actor Chris Pine could be donning the Green Lantern's ring in an upcoming movie, artist BossLogic decided to see what the actor would look like with the green mask. With a little photo manipulation, BossLogic created this mock movie poster.


This isn't the first time that BossLogic has imagined what rumored actors might look like in superhero (and supervillain) roles. Most recently, in response to reports that Joe Manganiello might be playing Deathstroke, BossLogic mocked up the actor with an eyepatch, and he's given similar treatments to other members of the Suicide Squad. You can follow his work on Twitter and Instagram.


[via GeekTyrant]

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Zippy Zanderhoff

Maybe it's because the Timmverse was my initiation into the DC Universe, but I've always favored Jon Stewart being the choice of the live-action Green Lantern over Hal.