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Famous robots come out of the woodwork in new GE ad, including our favorite android!

Remember all those weird and seemingly inexplicable robot sightings we reported on last month? As suspected, it was all part of an elaborate viral marketing campaign — we just weren't sure who was behind it. As it turns out, it was General Electric, who has now released a television commercial in support of this "Brilliant Machines" campaign. And wow, does it ever feature an assortment of popular robots — including a cameo from ST:TNG's Commander Data.


GE describes the campaign and the "Robots on the Move" commercial:

The robots are coming out of the woodwork to attend a mega-summit at an unknown location. A star-studded group that includes Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation), B-9 (Lost in Space), K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider), and Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet) has gathered to get their first glimpse of the next generation of artificial intelligence - the "brilliant machines."

The robots want to a firsthand look at the technology that will make machines work better and smarter. Join them to see how the new products from GE are integrating innovative technology with the ability to communicate, making the world work in ways never seen before. Join the revolution.

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And as Trek News is reporting, when asked if he received compensation for the commercial, Spiner joked on Twitter that he didn't want to discuss finances with his more than 1.3 million followers.

Uh, thinking that's a 'yes'...

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What, no Bender?

I am disappointed.