San Diego Comic-Con is a lot of things, but a high-end multi-million dollar auction? Well, yeah, it’s that too! io9 visited the Prop Store booth at the big convention to learn about what kind of folks shell out thousands of dollars for their favorite franchise souvenirs, and how their business has kept one-of-a-kind pieces out of the garbage can.

According to a press release, Prop Store started back in 1998 as a way for founder Stephen Lane to combine his love of pop culture and fine art, giving private collectors an opportunity to own original pieces from works like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Terminator, and even Jumanji (I was eyeing the game board, that’s for sure).


Of course, none of it is cheap—these items often go for thousands of dollars or more, making it hard for most fans to participate. It’s unfortunate, but the company says it makes sure to put most pieces on public exhibition before they’re sold at auction, so fans can get a chance to see them...even if they can’t actually buy them.

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Son of Spam

Christopher Reeves’ Superman suit cost 10x less than Han’s (regular looking) jacket? That ain’t right.