Art by Jen Bartel.

Beloved author Margaret Atwood is turning her talents to comics next month, alongside artists Johnnie Christmas and Tamra Bonvillain, for the wonderful-sounding Angel Catbird. To celebrate, we’ve got an exclusive look at some of the “pin-up” pieces included in the graphic novel of other artists’ take on this strange new hero.

Included in the first volume of Angel Catbird, these posters see comics luminaries like Matt Kindt, David Mack, Jen Bartel, and more, turn their hand to Atwood’s kooky hero: one Strig Feleedus, who finds himself transformed into a hybrid of human, cat, and owl after an experiment goes awry. Eight are included in the book itself, but we have six of them to show you right now:

Art by Tyler Crook.
Art by Matt Kindt.
Art by David Mack.
Art by Fábio Moon
Art by David Rubín.
Art by Jen Bartel.

And on top of that, a special announcement: Margaret Atwood herself will be joining us here on io9 September 15, for a Q&A session to discuss her work on Angel Catbird—her first-ever comic book—and the charitable effort that inspired her new superhero. Atwood will answer your questions from 2pm to 3pm EST on September 15th, so get brainstorming up your questions now while you’ve got time.


Angel Catbird’s first volume, of three in total, is out September 6.

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