Fame Choreographer Helms Scifi Movie "Arcana"

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Is Fame director/dancer Kevin Tancharoen looking to make a scifi musical with new project Arcana? You know, like Titan A.E., but with dancing?


Don't hold your breath. Arcana is described the way all new scifi movies are. Apparently it's:

A live-action graphic novel influenced by "Blade Runner" that includes martial arts and uses production methods similar to Zack Snyder's "300."


So: comics and Blade Runner. Yeah we've heard it all before. But John Ridley from DC's The Authority is the screenwriter, so at least we know there is actual grounding in comic books. Director Tancharoen, who is presently working on the Fame reboot has always claimed to be a comic and video-game nerd first, who got into dancing somehow. Let's hope for androids and dirty dancing in our futures.

[via Variety]

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