Fall Out Boy's New Ghostbusters Theme Song, Unlike Bustin', Does Not Make Us Feel Good

It actually makes us feel bad for a couple reasons, first and foremost being that the song is just not very good. But even more unfortunately, we fully expect a legion of jackasses to flood the internet and blame this on the fact that the new Ghostbusters movie stars women.

Honestly, I’m so ready for assholes to start a new barrage of Ghostbusters-centric misogyny about this dumb song that I actually feel sort of defensive about it I mean, I don’t like the song particularly, but it doesn’t invoke any kind of anger or disgust in me. In that sense, it’s technically one of my favorite Fall Out Boy songs ever. I sure as hell like it more than I like the garbage piles who spend all their energies railing against a film because it had the temerity to cast women instead of men.


Hey, you know what? If nothing else, this song is not going to be used to score a scene where I have to watch a ghost give Dan Aykroyd a blowjob. Advantage: Fall Out Boy featuring Missy Elliott.

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