I don't know if anyone else has been watching Fall Out Boy's recent music videos — but their decision to do a video for every song on their latest album, all linked together as a supernatural horror story, is full on BONKERS. And today's features Tommy Lee as Satan. Merry Christmas?

Okay, who laughed when the police tried to "fingerprint" Patrick Stump's. . . stump? And who's ready for Courtney Love as some sort of resistance leader?


This is part 8 of 11, and if you haven't seen the rest: a) go take a look. There's torture, possession, and a creepy hospital. Also, snakes. b) You can still watch this one on its own, because while you may be wondering why the lead singer of a band has a hook for a hand and how another band member ended up in the Afterlife, you actually won't understand any more about that after watching the whole thing.

You'll be freaked out and confused, though. So, so confused.

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