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Fall Into the Uncanny Valley With Your Own Robot Double

Need a gift for the robot aficionado who has everything? A Japanese company is giving consumers the opportunity to buy a moving, talking robot that looks just like them, only creepier.

For a limited time, Japanese robotics company Kokoro will offer two animatronic dopplegangers to consumers willing to shell out 20.1 million yen per unit. Kokoro is the maker of the Actroid, a line of interactive robotic receptionists that can move their upper bodies, mimic human facial expressions, recognize human speech, and speak themselves. The robotic double will have similar features, and its appearance, movements, and voice will be based on its owners.

Illustration for article titled Fall Into the Uncanny Valley With Your Own Robot Double

Anyone who wants to be immortalized in silicone can order the doubles from Sogo, Seibu, and Robinson's department stores in Japan between January 1st and 3rd. But only two doppleganger robots will be available; if more than two people are interested in the eerie automated replicas, potential buyers will have to draw lots.


Robot doppelgangers for sale [Pink Tentacle]

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