Fake chemistry professor pranks students on first day of class

First-year students attending a chemistry class at the University of Rochester were recently duped by a fellow student pretending to be their professor. He had them completely fooled — but then the real professor showed up asking, "Who the hell are you?"


During the prank, UofR senior Patrick Adelman of the Chamber Boys online radio show told the students that 55% of them would likely fail, that the vast majority of them would never make it to med school, and that laptaps and cellphones were strictly forbidden.

Eventually, the real Dr. Benjamin Hafensteiner (who was recently named Professor of the Year in the Natural Sciences) walked in, putting an end to the charade.


[Via Laughing Squid]

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Corpore Metal

Well, if you're familiar with the lesson plans, have and read through textbooks and such, you can fake it pretty well, at least for a while. You can assign homework, memorization exercises and give tests. And neatly sidestep student's hard questions—if you don't know the answers yourself—in all kinds of ways.

Actually it's pretty appallingly easy faking being a teacher, at least for a pretty short period of time. It's probably even easier now with the Internet. I'd say that grading homework and tests would be the hardest part of it. That an answering student's questions in a knowledgeable or smooth bullshit kind of way.

The fact that this guy was himself was student at the school, gave him an enormous inside advantage in familiarity.