Faeries In The Real World Wear Boxer Shorts

Long before "urban fantasy" became a thriving subgenre, Greek artist Yannis Tsarouchis was painting faeries of the modern world. They may be fey, but they're also wearing 1960s-style sneakers and boxer shorts.

Over at Feuilleton, John Coulthart calls our attention to Tsarouchis, whose paintings span almost the entire twentieth century, from the teens to the 80s. He was always interested in supernatural subjects, but in the 1960s began a series of paintings featuring ordinary-looking men, in underwear and sneakers or boxing shoes, who also had beautiful, delicate wings. A blend of surrealism and urban fantasy, these paintings are poignant because they bring together the uncanny with the everyday.

You can learn more about Yannis Tsarouchis on his official foundation website.


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