Faceless Droids Stalk The Wealthy

Faceless droids have been popping up all over the UK. They've been chauffeured into Elton John's White Ball, spotted at the Harrod's sale and are enjoying a tennis match at Wimbledon. The latest addition to the scifi robot and alien advertising craze has begun to spill over into real life, thanks to the wonders of viral marketing. But this ad for a over-priced sports car, the Lotus, takes the alien cake on over-the-top ads. Apparently you're a faceless droid until you drop a few hundred thousand pounds to "buy" a personality in the form of a Lotus. Click through for more pictures of the faceless creatures including super creepy video of a faceless man in the crowd at the Harrod's sale.

After visiting the faceless website, we noticed the Lotus logo which directly links you to the cars website. All this for a car no one can afford?


[via dlisted]


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