Facebook Would Sure Screw With Superman's Secret Identity

Years of Superman lore tells us that slumped posture, goofy affect, and different hairstyling are enough to keep most people from guessing that the Man of Steel and Clark Kent are the same person. But that probably wouldn’t work on Facebook’s facial recognition algorithm.

Artist Max Karpsten created a great illustration that shows just how much modern social-networking technology would complicate Kal-El’s attempts to live a double life.


Karpsten’s gag is reminiscent of the time Lex Luthor had a scientist plug in all known data about Clark Kent and Superman into a computer.

Lex’s megalomania made him reject the conclusion but Lois might be a different story.


Hopefully, Karpsten’s version of Lois is more chill than the New 52 version of the Daily Planet’s best reporter.


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