Face-Hugger Clean Up In Aisle Twelve

Aliens touch down on Earth and begin infecting humans inside a local supermarket, in the new direct-to-DVD movie Alien Raiders. The infection changes humans into what appear to be gag-worthy decomposing masses. The parasitic hosts look pretty sweet as well, like a combination of Aliens' face-huggers and bugs. But even though this film fills a crucial shortage of alien-attack movies, it also falls into a trend that's starting to worry us. What's the deal with all the quarantined movies? I feel like there are a ton of upcoming films where no one can enter or leave a space. Quarantine and Blindness are both coming soon, and there was also Doomsday last February. Still, this movie looks pretty exciting for a direct to DVD, and the effects are pretty good. I'm also excited for a whole raider alien hunting posse. Thanks to the Dread Central gang, we get a closer look at what's going to happen to middle America when the aliens take over. Raiders was originally titled Supermarket, and will be released later in the year. [Dread Central]


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