Ezra's Got a New Look and a New Lightsaber In the First Clip from Star Wars Rebels Season 3

The next season of Rebels is bringing some changes to the show’s cast in the wake of season two’s jaw-dropping finale. It seems like Ezra is bearing the brunt of most of those changes, as this new clip reveals a swanky haircut, a brand new lightsaber, and a very different attitude.

Debuted on this week’s new episode of The Star Wars Show—it begins at around 3:40 in the video below—the extensive clip sees Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine breaking old rogue Hondo out of an Imperial facility. But Hondo notices that something has changed in the young boy, beyond the short hair and the new, green lightsaber hanging at his belt. Seems like Ezra’s done a lot of growing up since the events on Malachor.

It’s a pretty sizeable clip—and we can expect to see more from the show this weekend, when the cast and crew lift the lid on season 3 at the Rebels panel at Star Wars Celebration in London. The Star Wars Show also covers plans for livestreaming panels from the convention over this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but io9 will be on site as well—so stay tuned to hear more about Rebels and the rest of the galaxy far, far away this weekend.

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Platypus Man

The haircut is ok, it makes him look less like Space Aladdin like he was since the first episode.

Not liking the lightsaber, though. I mean, I get that his first one was supposed to bridge the gap between his dumbass slingshot thing and this full lightsaber, but let’s be honest, a lightsaber that is also a gun is basically the best lightsaber.

The Jedi don’t use the lightsaber because it’s the best weapon possible, they use it because 1) it basically is the best defense-tool there is, at least when wielded by a Jedi, 2) it’s a solid tool, being lightweight, cutting through nearly anything, and can start fires, and 3) it’s a tradition of their days as peacekeepers, when they weren’t out fighting wars (Star Wars, if you will). Kanan and Ezra live in a different era and pairing a blaster with a lightsaber adds the offensive abilities of the blaster with everything else great about the lightsaber.