Extreme Skaters and Their Creepy Neighbor in Paranormal Activity 5000

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The endless Paranormal Activity franchise is branching out, with a spinoff called Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (to be followed, later in the year, by another PA sequel.) And this brand new trailer makes Marked Ones look kind of fun, thanks to the "extreme sports" vibe and the creepy VHS-hoarding neighbor.


We posted a trailer for Paranormal Activity: TMO a while ago, but this new international trailer gives way more insight into the movie's plot. The one jump-scare with the creepy faces actually caught me off guard. What do you think — is the new setting and characters enough to pull you back in? [via SciFiNow]

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Well the start of the trailer made me excited for a Jackass/Blair Witch crossover, but it just seemed to stray back into the same old territory.