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Extraterrestrial Trailer Promises The Return Of Alien Horror

Illustration for article titled emExtraterrestrial/em Trailer Promises The Return Of Alien Horror
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After slogging through one disappointing alien horror film after the other, here's hoping that Extraterrestrial will be different—and actually be scary. Check out the first trailer and let us know: did it give you chills?


Extraterrestrial was written by the Vicious Brothers, and directed by one half of the team, Colin Minihan. The Vicious Brothers also gave us Grave Encounters, which while not a great movie, certainly had its scary moments, so there's that. Seriously, I would give all the cash in my pockets to get one modern-day, truly scary, alien abduction movie. Here's the new trailer:


Here's the premise (via Bloody Disgusting):

"The film follows April (Brittany Allen), who is still reeling from her parents' divorce when she's dragged back to the vacation cabin she spent fond summers at as a child accompanied by a group of friends. Her trip down memory lane takes a dramatic and terrifying turn when a fireball descends from the sky and explodes in the nearby woods. Lead by her boyfriend (Freddie Stroma), the group ventures out toward the crash site and discovers the remnants of a ship from another planet along with footprints that suggest its alien occupants are still alive. The college friends soon find themselves caught in the middle of something bigger and more terrifying than anything they could ever imagine."

Extraterrestrial will hit VOD on October 17th, so perfect for Halloween. Anything else people are looking forward to this Halloween?

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