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Extra Hours Of BSG And At Least One TV Movie

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You may have to wait seven months to find out how robo-battle show Battlestar Galactica ends — but at least the ending will be a giant blow-out. The season finale will have two extra hours added to it, allowing for more sexy cylons, crazy Starbuck, gratuitous frakking, and inner turmoil for everyone. According to The Chicago Tribune's Watcher blog, we'll be getting 12 hours instead of the originally scheduled 10. Meanwhile, at least one of the three planned BSG TV movies should get made this year — and we have a shrewd guess as to when in the show's continuity it'll take place.


The TV movie will probably have no Helo, or only a small role for him, because actor Tahmoh Penikett is currently filming for Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse and would probably miss the shooting for the BSG TV movie. We're guessing that means that the TV movie could take place during season one, when Helo was stuck on Caprica. Galactica Sitrep also confirms that the writers and producers of the TV movies have recieved contracts allowing the studio to greenlight as many movies as it sees fit.

[The Watcher and Galactica Siterep]

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Charlie Jane Anders

@Aethyr: I think if you have a break of more than six months in the middle of a season, it counts as two seasons.