The 2015 Expo Milano is happening right now, and the theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” The Expo features a ton of great sustainable building designs, as well as some uniquely futuristic architecture. Photographer Diriye Amey took some beautiful photos of some of the buildings.

The Vanke Pavilion. According to architects Libeskind:

The concept for the Vanke Pavilion incorporates three ideas drawn from Chinese culture related to food: the shi-tang, a traditional Chinese dining hall; the landscape, the fundamental element to life; and the dragon, which is metaphorically related to farming and sustenance. All three of these concepts are incorporated in the Vanke Pavilion’s exhibition, architecture and program....

The pavilion is clad in more than 4,000 red metalized tiles that Libeskind designed with the Italian company Casalgrande Padana. The geometric ceramic panels not only create an expressive pattern that is evocative of a dragon-like skin, but also possess highly sustainable self-cleaning and air purification properties. The three-dimensional surface is coated with a metallic coloration that changes as light and viewpoints shift. At times it will appear as deep crimson, then a dazzling gold, and even, at certain angles, a brilliant white. The tiles are installed with a state-of-the-art cladding support system that gives a rhythmic pattern and mathematical form to an otherwise supple, torquing shape. Two spiraling stairs, echoing the form, ascend the pavilion to the south, and to the north from the Lake Arena entrance, serving both as circulation and seating.


The Sustainable Farm Pavilion, dedicated to showing how we can free farmers from the constraints of fossil fuels by using new technologies to create “bioenergy.”


The Real Italian Food Pavilion

The Italian Pavilion. According to the Expo site, “Palazzo Italia constitutes the very heart of the Expo site, and will remain, post-event, as a center for technological innovation for the city of Milan. The concept and the design of the building is by Studio Nemesi & Partners S.r.l., along with Proger S.p.A. and BMS Progetti S.r.l., in line with the original concept by Marco Balich, Creative Director: Italy as a Nursery for New Energies, a nest for the future, with a rich past that is anything but a gloomy museum of its past glories.”


Italian Pavilion.

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