This concept art for Fallout 3, which we mentioned once before, shows Washington D.C. reduced to ashen rubble. The highly-anticipated sequel to the classic "wander the wasteland and have sex with mutant hookers" RPG is slated for a Fall 2008 multi-platform release. The story is not directly related to the one from Fallout 2, but it takes place in the same world. In 2077, nuclear war destroys most of America, forcing the survivors to hide out in underground vaults that protect them from radiation, mutants and other bad stuff. More art below.


No game play footage has been released, though the official site has a cool teaser trailer. Developer Bethesda has revealed that "America's First Choice in Post Nuclear Simulation" will take place in first or third-person POV and features a huge explorable world along with the series' trademark character creation and advancement system. When you leave your home vault to find your missing father, you'll face moral choices in addition to the pausable real-time combat system. Should you negotiate with those raiders, or just shoot them? Should you pimp your wife out for cash, or earn it yourself? Tough call.