Explore the strange lands of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest with a new map and interactive atlas!

Illustration for article titled Explore the strange lands of David Foster Wallaces emInfinite Jest/em with a new map and interactive atlas!

If you're one of those people who can't stop obsessing about David Foster Wallace's confounding, dense novel Infinite Jest — and quite right, too — then there's a brand new resource. William Beutler has created Infinite Atlas, an interactive guide to the version of Boston in Wallace's book, enabled by Google Maps and including brief write-ups of the main locations in the book.

And, from the same creator, there's the Infinite Map, a limited-edition print which covers Wallace's altered version of North America. Features of the Map include:

  • 250 locations with color-coded map location dot and corresponding footnotes
  • 4 telescoping inset maps: "Territorially Recognfigured North America"; "New New England and Noveau Quebec"; "Greater Boston"; and "Metro Boston".
  • 4 location designations: "Real"; "Fictional"; "Fictionalized"; "Approximate.
  • Red shading represents the Great Concavity
  • Great Seal of O.N.A.N. in upper right corner
  • Relief shading, major bodies of water and rivers, highways, state capitols, urban areas and national parks
  • "Easter egg" map labels drawn from the novel's text

You can also buy just the Great Seal of O.N.A.N. separately, also as a limited edition print.

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I kind of wish the title at the top would include "as of Y.D.A.U." I'm just a stickler in that way.