Explore The Space Between Script and Screen With This Comparison From Inside Out

Image: Disney/Pixar
Image: Disney/Pixar

Much the way emotions live inside every person, a script lives inside every movie, helping shape it, direct it, give it life. Scripts form a superstructure around which films are built. But the execution of a scene can diverge wildly from what’s in the script, for better and for worse.


In a new video released by Pixar, viewers can compare the script-to-screen execution of one of Inside Out’s most memorable scenes. It’s a master class in how direction and acting can give a scene strength it doesn’t have on the page. While the action and dialogue is mostly identical between the script and the final film, the voice work, particularly Amy Poehler’s turn as Joy, lends drama and emotional resonance to work that doesn’t quite get there on the scripting alone.

Inside Out was a sharp, heartfelt movie, and this video starts to show why. It fires on all cylinders, the animation building on the foundation of the script to turn it into something truly special. Watch below.

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Jesus christ, this scene still brings tears to my eyes :’(