Explore The Empire's Side Of Star Wars In Darth Vader's New Comic!

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The Rebels have had their turn, now it's the time of the Empire to join Marvel's new stories in the Galaxy far, far away. Plus, Valiant's intriguing new sci-fi series about a Communist astronaut transformed into a god, a new Dresden Files story, and enough Graphic Novels and Collection to last you a life time.

Dark Horse

  • Prometheus Fire And Stone Omega - The finale of this arc gets spun out into a one-shot comic, as Angela and the survivors find themselves on LV-223 in search of the answers to their quest. Written By: Kelley Sue DeConnick Artist: Agustin Alessio


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  • Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1 - Bruce Wayne offers a date with him as the top prize at a charity auction - and Harley Quinn has the money to win it. Oh dear. Written By: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti Artist: John Timms


  • Empty #1 - A member of the last tribe of humans left in the post-apocalypse comes across a stranger who can create life from death, with the power to change what's left of the world. Written By: Jimmie Robinson Artist: Jimmie Robinson


  • Darth Vader #1 - The Dark Lord of the Sith gets his own comic, offering the Empire's perspective on the Galactic Civil War waging across the galaxy far far away. Written By: Kieron Gillen Artist: Salvador Larocca


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  • Divinity #1 (Valiant Entertainment) - At the height of the Cold War, Russia sends an Astronaut into deep space, only for him to return decades later changed by some cosmic entity into a godlike being - a communist one, at that. Written By: Matt Kindt Artist:
  • Trevor Hairsine
  • Harvester #1 (Legendary Comics) - When a vigilante enforces harsh justice against a gang of bikers, a young academic and a private investigator team up to try and uncover the mysterious identity and rise of The Harvester. Written By:
  • Brandon Seifert Artist: Eric Battle
  • Help Us Great Warrior #1 (Boom! Studios) - Madéleine Flores' webcomic is getting an ongoing series, featuring the titular female warrior defending her village from evil threats (and looking fantastic while doing so). Written By: Madéleine Flores Artist: Madéleine Flores
  • Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Down Town #1 (D.E.) - Harry and Molly have to uncover a new threat to Chicago as the battle between the Red Court and White Council rages on in the background. Written By: Jim Butcher, Mark Powers Artist: Carlos E. Gomez
  • Legenderry Red Sonja #1 (D.E.)- This week it's Red Sonja's turn to get a standalone series in this steampunk world, as Sonja sails the seas and returns to the Big City to hunt down the mysterious person behind a kidnapping. Written By: Marc Andreyko Artist: Aneke

Graphic Novels And Collections

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  • Alien Legion: Uncivil War (Titan Comics) - The Elite leaders of an intergalactic military force find a boring mission protecting refugees suddenly turns into a hot warzone. Written By: Chuck Dixon Artists: Larry Strohman, Carl Potts
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Rift (Dark Horse) - Aang and the Gang investigate an illegal refinery operating on Air Nation land, only to be confronted by an angry spirit looking for justice. Written By: Michael Dante Dimartino, Various Artist: Gurihiru
  • Batman: Dark Knight Dark City (DC) - The Riddler works with an occultist to summon a demon to fight Batman, but in the process is turning into a nightmarish monster himself. Written By: Peter Milligan Artist: Kieron Dwyer, Various
  • DC: The New Frontier (DC) - Set in an alternate world where the Silver Age of heroes never came about, the iconic Silver age incarnations of DC's finest rise up to save the day. Written By: Darwyn Cooke Artist: Darwyn Cooke, Various
  • Secret Origins Volume 1 (DC) - This collection gathers the first 4 issues of the miniseries covering the secret origins of some of DC's most prominent heroes and villains, including Batman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn and more. Written By: Greg Pak, Various Artists: Lee Weeks, Various
  • Secret Six Volume 1: Villains United (DC) - Gail Simone takes on this supervillain team up, when Six of DC's villains gang up to stop the good guys from controlling their minds. Written By: Gail Simone Artists: Brad Walker, Various
  • Zombies vs Robots Omnibus (IDW) - Does exactly what it says: Zombies go toe-to-toe with Robots, with some Amazons thrown in for good measure. Written By: Chris Ryall Artists: Ashley Wood, Various
  • Transformers Dark Cybertron (IDW) - Shockwave plans to destroy Autobot and Decepticon alike as he attempts to restore Cybertron. Written By: James Roberts, John Barber Artists: Phil Jimenez, Various
  • Bang Tango (Image) - This Remaster of the Vertigo series sees Vinnie go up against a Mob boss to get money for a former lover's gender reassignment surgery. Written By: Joe Kelly, Rodney Ramos Artist: Adrian Sibar
  • Daomu (Magnetic Press) - A young man joins the Daomu, an international society of Tomb robbers, to uncover the truth behind his father's death. Written By: Kennedy Xu, Colin Johnson Artist: Ken Chou
  • Starlight Volume One (Image) - Retired space Hero Duke McQueen recieves a distress call from an alien world for one last adventure. Written By: Mark Millar Artist: Goran Parlov
  • Trees Volume One (Image) - Alien life lands on Earth, and just sits there - growing and proliferating across the planet in silent judgement of Humanity as if the Earth's population just didn't exist. Written By: Warren Ellis Artist: Jason Howard
  • Deathlok: Rage Against Machine (Marvel) - A SHIELD operative finds himself confronting the Deathlok project, before a Red Skull attack on SHIELD leaves him wounded and transformed into the new Deathlok. Written By: Various Artists: Various
  • The Sculptor (01 First Second) - A young artist makes a deal with death to grant himself the power to sculpt anything he wants with his bare hands - but only 200 days to utilise the ability before he dies. Written By: Scott McCloud Artist: Scott McCloud
  • Pix: One Weirdest Weekend (Hatter Entertainment) - Pix is a young girl who finds herself becoming a superhero and a fairytale princess in this début graphic novel. Written By: Gregg Schigiel Artist: Gregg Schigiel
  • And Then Emily Was Gone Volume 1 (Comixtribe) - Greg Hellinger, a former police detective, battles his visions of monsters as he tries to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. Written By: John Lees Artist: Iain Laurie
  • Rocket Raccoon: Chasing Tale (Marvel) - Rocket Raccoon is framed for Murder! Rocket and Groot must hunt down an imposter Rocket and clear their not-entirely-honourable names. Written By: Skottie Young Artists: Skottie Young, Filipe Andrade
  • Doc Savage Omnibus (D.E) - The Man of Bronze and his team travel the world righting wrongs, triumphing over villains, and advancing the human race. Written By: Chris Roberson, Shannon Eric Denton Artists: Bilquis Evely, Roberto Castro
  • Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron (Fantagraphics Books) - This bizarre graphic novel delves into the mystery behind the creation of a Snuff Film. Written By: Daniel Clowes Artist: Daniel Clowes
  • Princeless: The Pirate Princess (Action Lab) - Two young princesses go to rescue another trapped Princess, only to find her defying their expectations. Written By: Jeremy Whitley Artists: Rosy Higgins, Ted Brandt
  • Today Is The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life (Fantagraphics Books) - Ulli Lust takes a deep, introspective look at a hitchhiking journey she took across Italy as a seventeen year old in 1984. Written By: Ulli Lust Artist: Ulli Lust
  • Zombie Killustrated (Antarctic Press) - A one off collection of some of Antarctic's finest, goriest zombie stories. Written By: Ben Dunn, Various Artists: Various

Want to see what else is out this week? You can see the full list here - and find out where your nearest Comic Book Store is here!


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Ooooo Star Wars comic!

Because I am a lazy nerd who is horrible at keeping up with things, did other Marvel Star Wars comics come out already or is this the first one?

Also, any geeks who want to tell me exactly what has come out already in this series because they love telling people on the Internet information that could be Googled with relative ease?