Explore The Collaboration Between Spielberg and Ernest Cline In This Ready Player One Featurette

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

One of the greatest directors of a generation, and one author who owes that director a huge debt of influence.


The future of Ready Player One, even before Spielberg signed on to direct the film, was irrevocably shaped by his work. He’s one of the pop cultural titans of the ‘80s, the decade that shapes much of the interests of the highly referential story. In this new featurette, both Cline and Spielberg reflect on their collaboration, and how both bring out each others’ best in shaping what Spielberg calls a “visionary” world.

Watch it below.

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I don’t think Ernest Cline saw the future... I think he longs for the past. As nostalgic a person I am... I also remember the 1980's with a particularly clear vision. You can only lie to yourself for so long before the polishing starts revealing the rust. There was a lot of pain, of horror, of anger... a lot of apathy, of the failing advancement of our society and our culture - the 1980's was a time where we stopped moving forward despite the promise of the future. Where we looked around, and lifted our foot...

And chose to start walking backwards.

And we’re still doing that today. It is only because we have run so far forward that we have not fallen back very far. And it is only because momentum carries us a way that anything continues to advance.

And what we see today is finding out that the place where we ran from doesn’t really exist anymore. It is desolate, cold, used up... unwelcoming and uninhabitable. We’re not going to go there. But there are people who, with closed eyes and minds, want to try to go there. And those of us who can see want to stop walking back, and start moving forward again. That’s where we are now.

Its possible this future could exist. It might even be a utopia compared to where we actually end up. But I doubt we will have this as presented. Its not the way the future works. We might get there, but the path... that will be a very different twisting road indeed.