Experience eight years of breathtaking Saturnian exploration in five minutes

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has been orbiting around Saturn and its various moons since 2004. In that time, it's collected thousands upon thousands of awe-inspiring images of the ringed planet and its satellites.


From time to time, someone with the requisite patience, dedication and passion pores over this extensive collection of interplanetary photographs and uses them to create a cinematic experience, maybe even throwing in some footage from NASA's old Voyager missions for good measure. When done right, it is almost always a wonder to behold. The video you see here — created by geology student and self-proclaimed science-lover Nahum Chazarra — is no exception. This is Saturnian spectacle at its finest. [Spotted on Bad Astronomy]


I had just started listening to No Doubt's Rock Steady album when I clicked play on the video. It was creepy how well the edits went with Hella Good and Hey Baby. Someone should do a dub.