Expect Tears For David Tennant's Doctor's Farewell

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The last three episodes of David Tennant and Russell T Davies' Doctor Who run are almost here, and if early reviews are to be believed, we shouldn't be expecting upbeat triumphant adventures before the end. Mild spoilers ahead.

The British press had a chance to see The Waters of Mars, the first of the three final episodes, (Premiering in the UK November 15th on BBC One, and in the US December 19th on BBC America) this week and Bleeding Cool's anonymous reviewer called it "[b]oth an action adventure, base under siege, story, plus an enormously powerful emotional story" similar to Torchwood: Children of Earth:

This ep puts you through the emotional wringer. Perhaps it's not so hopeless-feeling as the Torchwood: Children Of Earth but without doubt "Waters Of Mars" is mining the same sort of territory and it's the closest Doctor Who will ever come to nihilism.


The review is pretty spoiler-free, but something that caught our eye was the mention of

more than one old enemy that puts in an appearance, either in flashback (not necessarily from The Doctor's life) or… dare I say, premonition.

A flash-forward of sorts to the "End Of Time" two-parter closing out Tennant's take on the timelord, or Steven Moffat's reign as new Who-meister? Either way, we can't wait. Luckily, we may not have to; BBC America announced on Friday that the final episodes of Davies/Tennant's Doctor Who will air over the holiday season in the US, presumably days after their UK airing (Dates are to be announced next month).

Review: Doctor Who – The Waters Of Mars (SPOILERS) [Bleeding Cool]


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Benny Gesserit

I was prepared to be all pouty about Tennant leaving and the new fellow taking over when a friend pointed out I'd been just as pouty when Tennant took over from Eccleston.

Can't wait for Waters of Mars and, well, can't wait for Christmas. #doctorwho