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YOWCH! A Brazilian taxi driver survived being stabbed in the head ... and roamed around with the knife wedged into his melon for over three hours. As you can see from the X-rays, we're not talking about a little poke from a Swiss Army knife. That's practically Excalibur up in there!


Incredibly, CNN reports, Juacelo Nunes de Oliveira is expected to make a full recovery after two and a half hours of surgery and five days of recovery. According to Dr. Gilberto Albuquerque, director of the hospital where the man was treated:

"The knife crossed his head just behind the optical nerve, got very close to the olfactory nerve and (was) just a fraction from the gustatory nerve. He could have been blinded and could have lost his senses of smell and taste, but none of that happened and he is alive and healthy."


Nunes de Oliveria's survival is even more incredible when you consider a) he was also stabbed three other times, including a jab that perforated his lung, and b) it took him three hours to travel to Albuquerque's hospital for treatment.

The wounds were the result of a drunken fight, which also worked out in the 39-year-old victim's favor, according to the doctor:

"He had the knife lodged in his head for this whole period but he was not aware of it. We believe the shock and a bit of the drinking may have helped him not to understand the knife was still in his head."

There's some kind of lesson in there ... somewhere.

Image via CNN.


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