The Expanse didn’t have much of a presence at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con—at the time, it had just been picked up by Amazon, ensuring a future for the stellar sci-fi adventure. This year’s con is firing up the Epstein Drive big time, though, starting with Amazon Prime’s activation that lets you step aboard the Rocinante and visit a new planet! We took the journey with Expanse showrunner Naren Shankar along for the ride.

In our chat with Shankar, we talked about what the past year’s been like for The Expanse cast and crew, and though the showrunner couldn’t divulge too many details on season four, he did talk about the show’s new setting (and the space Western vibes it brings), the established alien influence that’s going to continue to affect the characters, and his feelings on spoilers (for more on his favorite moment from season three, check out the interview from last year, below).


We’ll have much more about The Expanse following the big panel and press room on Saturday—including, fingers crossed, a trailer, some details on new characters, and a date for countdown clocks that’ll lead up to the premiere of season four. Keep watching the skies, Beltalowda!

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