Click to viewIf you watched Joss Whedon's web series Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, you know all about the sorta dicky good guy Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion). He's got rubber gloves, a t-shirt with a hammer on it, and nebulous powers of . . . something. I mean, we know he's supervillain protagonist Dr. Horrible's nemesis. But we never really see him do much in the way of, say, shooting fireballs or flying. That's why we cornered Fillion at Comic-Con and asked him what Captain Horrible's superpowers actually are. Here's what he said.

He went on to explain — off camera — that he doesn't mind being called Captain Tightpants, either. That was his nickname on the set of space western Firefly, where he played Captain Malcolm Reynolds, a major badass and wearer of tight pants. These day, he admitted to us, he no longer wears tight pants because "my ass would split them." When we asked if that explained why he'd done a nude scene, he said yes — "My pants had just split at the seams so it was the only thing we could do," he said with a winning smile.


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