Exclusive: Matthew Fox Tells io9 How He Played Two Jacks At Once

Matthew Fox played two guys in Lost season four: the confident, take-charge Jack on the island, and the haunted, addicted Jack in the future. We got a chance to talk to Fox one-on-one about how he went back and forth between those two Jacks. And also how he's going to play a more "spiritual" Jack in season five. We also talked about the complex relationship between Jack and Locke. Click through for part two of our interview video.


Charlie Jane Anders

@Piglatin02: @jp182: Yay thanks! I work really hard on trying to come up with interesting questions for these celebrity interviews — things that they can actually answer. When you ask Matthew Fox "what's going to happen in season five?" You pretty much know he's going to say, "I don't know," or "I can't tell you." :)