Exclusive Look Inside Syfy's Post-Apocalyptic Angel Drama Dominion

Here is everything you need to know about Syfy's new, bloody angel series Dominion. Get a good look at post-apocalyptic wasteland that humanity clings to after a 25-year holy war, as well as the evil angels that have turned on humankind.

This is actually a good crop of footage from the new series. It's really the first time we're getting a taste of this new drama, and it appears to be pretty heavy. The video also includes a look at the stellar cast, with interviews from Anthony Head, Alan Dale and Christopher Egan (we miss Kings).


And finally, check out this promo poster, which gave me giggle fits. I will never get tired of seeing someone pull a gun on an angel. It's too ridiculous, love it. We'll be eagerly awaiting the premiere of Dominion, which airs on Syfy on June 19th.

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