We have an exclusive gallery from Syfy's new 12 Monkeys TV series along with official character bios, glimpses at the mysterious time traveling machine and the new face of James Cole looking like a sweet Time Travel Jesus.

Back in October, we caught the pilot of Syfy's TV adaptation of Terry Gilliam's 1995 film Twelve Monkeys. We liked what we saw, and now we're happy to present the official character guide for the series. Granted, these images are more of the PR, headshot type stills, so this isn't necessarily what the series will look like. However, it does give you a good rundown of each character and how they're set up in this new word. Plus, there's a good shot of (what I'm assuming) is the time machine Cole and friends had to travel through to go back in time and halt the viral outbreak that destroyed their future Earth.


12 Monkeys will make its series premiere on Friday, January 16 at 9pm ET/PT, followed by the season two premiere of Helix.


Dr. Cassandra Railly is a brilliant virologist whose world is turned upside down when she's kidnapped by Cole. He claims that in the future she'll send him a message asking for his help to stop a plague that will kill billions. After he disappears, Railly's life falls apart, and she questions her own sanity. But when Cole returns, she's drawn into a mission to help prevent the viral outbreak. As a doctor she has taken a vow to do no harm — but what does that mean when harm must be done to save the world?

JAMES COLE (Aaron Stanford)

After surviving the plague and living for years as a scavenger during the apocalypse, JAMES COLE can kick ass when he needs to, but his wits are his primary tool. While Jones's injections allow him both mental and physical superiority, Cole is not without flaws. He's impulsive, bold and brave beyond common sense. Though coming of age in a time when the basic tenets of society have unraveled, Cole has somehow retained a conscience. As a Scav, he did what he needed to survive, but now is haunted by his actions. Cole seeks to fix the past, not only to save billions of lives, but also to earn redemption.

JENNIFER GOINES (Emily Hampshire)

Jennifer Goines, an erratic, ranting and seemingly unhinged math genius, meets Cole in a high-security psych ward for the criminally insane and leads him on a twist-filled journey to track down the virus her estranged father created — the virus that will eventually become the plague that destroys humanity.

JONES (Barbara Sukowa)

JONES, born Katarina Werner in Dresden, Germany, is a former renowned physicist, who creates a time machine which she hopes will restore the world. Having lived through the plague and seen the loss of billions, including those closest to her, Jones will let nothing stand in the way of her mission. Determined, bold, and unapologetic, Jones tells Cole it is their fate to sacrifice this dark future in order to regain what they've lost.

RAMSE (Kirk Acevedo)

Ramse and Cole are like brothers. As young scavengers, they faced death together too many times to count, and their shared history has made Ramse extremely protective of Cole. Ramse is cautious, distrustful and has a thorough understanding of human nature. This often leads to conflict between him and the others in the Temporal Facility. It's this conflict, and his relationship with an outsider named ELENA that tests his loyalty.


Aaron Marker is an enterprising political insider who is in love with Dr. Railly. Confident and discerning, Aaron is chief aide to Senator William Royce. But when the love of his life claims that she was kidnapped by a time-traveller, Aaron doesn't believe her. Though the two have a longstanding relationship, they struggle to get over this hurdle. Nonetheless, in an effort to keep Railly safe, Aaron becomes deeply entangled in the plot to stop the 12 Monkeys.


Tall and pale with a gruesome scar, the 'Pallid Man' emerges from the shadows to stop Cole and Railly in their pursuit of the 12 Monkeys. Elusive and eccentric, he leaves a trail of bodies, perversely shrouded in flower petals, in his wake.