Tonight's episode of The Middleman will be the greatest yet, judging from this exclusive clip that ABC Family sent us. Kevin Sorbo plays a Middleman from 1969, who's been cryogenically frozen for 40 years, and he's got some very important advice for sidekick Wendy Watson about love and supervillains. It's a surreal slapstick moment that reminds me of Dr. Horrible. There's also a special message to you, the readers of io9, about how you can support The Middleman. (And there's more info here.) Spoilers below.


I seriously would watch an entire season of episodes about Sorbo's Middleman, including his four marriages and especially the one where his wife left him for a supervillain. I especially love the juxtaposition of Sorbo's heartache and the horrifically graphic fate his wives met, with the real Middleman beating up the Candle in the background. Mostly, though, I love the interplay between Wendy and Sorbo's 1969 Middleman.

We weren't the only site to get an exclusive clip from tonight's episode, by the way. You can watch more of Sorbo being insanely hilarious over at IGN, and Wendy and her new boyfriend playing an arcade game at our sister site Kotaku.


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