Exclusive: Fringe's Georgina Haig Will Join Limitless as a New Character

Illustration for article titled Exclusive: iFringe/is Georgina Haig Will Join iLimitless /ias a New Character

CBS told us exclusively that Limitless is adding a new character—and it’s played by someone genre TV fans will likely recognize.

Here’s what CBS told io9:

Georgina Haig is set for a recurring role as Piper. Per the producers, Piper was once like Brian, naive and sheltered—then she lost everything. Now, self-trained in many forms of combat, she has a mission to stop the man who took it from her—with Brian as either her ally or her enemy.


Haig previously appeared on Fox’s sci-fi thriller Fringe, co-created by J.J. Abrams, in which she played detective Henrietta “Etta” Bishop for two seasons. She was also a regular on season 4 of ABC’s fairy tale drama Once Upon a Time, playing Elsa from Frozen. Her CV is a perfect mix of badass and fantastical, which makes her a good fit for the similarly half-and-half goofy procedural Limitless.

No word yet on when she’ll appear on the show, or for how many episodes. But be on the lookout for Piper, who sounds like she’ll be a loose canon that could kick some serious butt—which could spell either good news for Brian, or very bad news.

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Just because it doesn’t get said enough-

Fringe was a really good show.