Want to see an excellent example of spooky terror done right on television? Check out this exclusive clip from Saturday's new episode of Bedlam on BBC America. Leah (Kara Tointon) is trapped in an underground garage, where the lights keep going out, and someone — or something — is following her.

Here's a second clip, featuring the main cast hanging out — including a half-naked Theo James, which is one of the show's main selling points.


Here's the official synopsis for "Driven":

Molly becomes concerned when her friend Leah (Kara Tointon) falls victim to a horrifying series of events. Jed soon realizes there are supernatural forces at work, and when Kate discovers Leah might not be who she says she is, it becomes clear she is harboring a dark secret. Jed and Ryan have a race against time to find out what she's hiding – only then can they stop the ghost from taking its bloody revenge.


Bedlam airs Saturdays at 9 PM on BBC America.