Exclusive First Look At The Middleman's Mexican Wrestler Foes

A Mexican Wrestler — wielding an oversized laser gun — threatens straight-edge superhero The Middleman in this exclusive new photo from ABC Family's new superhero series The Middleman, which premieres June 16. Besides the masked laser-brandishing luchadores, The Middleman will face a range of villains including vampire cows, aliens, and gorilla mob-bosses. Click through for a bigger version, plus another exclusive pic and some new PSAs from The Middleman and his sidekick Wendy. And spoilers.


In the Middle Man comic, these loco baddies actually shoot Wendy's love Ben, which in turn causes him to break up with her. (Jerk.) They kidnap Middleman's Sensei, Ping (who wears a Wrestler's mask himself), and bring him to the Dread Pyramid of Itzilichlitlichlitzl, which could be the pyramid you see in the second pic. Middleman must now fight the Cien Mascaras who used to be a man with 100 masks, but was cursed by a mummy and now is 100 men who all wear the same mask. Which explains all of the similar fellas in the background. It's an epic battle, and many lose their lives. I wonder how ABC Family will spin it, and will they incorporate the Thumb-Of-Death? The Mexican Wrestler episode airs June 30th.

Below are a group of Middle Man PSA's, "Fighting Evil So You Don't Have To."

Middleman On Probes

Wendy on Vampire Cows

Middle Man On Cheating

[Thanks to Embiggen for the heads up on the PSAs]


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