Exclusive Featurette: Why "You Can't Do A Terminator Without Arnold"

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been playing the Terminator for over 30 years now. But he’s clearly still having fun with the role. Just check out our exclusive featurette on the making of Terminator Genisys — including a collection of the T-800’s craziest moments in this movie.


Watch for yourself:

This is the latest in a series of featurettes that the studio has released to create more buzz for the fifth Terminator movie. But what makes this one worth checking out is the focus on Arnie himself, and all the glimpses of the ex-Governor clowning around on set, as well as a lot of ridiculous endoskeleton action.


Even if you don’t agree with Emilia Clarke that “you can’t do a Terminator without Arnold,” it’s easy to see what Arnold brings to the table. He really loves this character, after so many years playing it. Terminator Genisys is out on July 1, if Skynet doesn’t pull the plug on humanity before then.

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